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W zwiazku z zawieszeniem dzialalnosci gospodarczej, (czasowa przerwa w funkcjonowaniu firmy) z dniem 01 września 2018 roku, wszystkie zapytania ofertowe, zamowienia nie beda realizowane do odwolania.

Za utrudnienia przepraszamy.

Information in English

  • Information in English

We specialize in comprehensive supplying companies with machining tools as well as in tooling machine-tools. We are importers, representatives and distributors of over fifty recognized factories producing cutting tools, measuring instruments, grinding and workshop tools, and others.

In order to secure regular needs of our clients we have got about 25 thousand of product items in a warehouse. The total offer of our deliverers is over 300 000 type dimensions. We are open and ready for atypical orders, apart from the catalogue. We successfully put into practice a lot of special tools, of its own construction as well.

Since the beginning of our existence we have been guided by the belief that only honest, credible and the best ones in their specialization can form standards of cooperation and operation. We are aware of the fact that success and the future of our company depend on our client.

We encourage you to ask questions about tools, coming from Polish producers as well as inquires and tool purchases that make up our own import. Please, direct orders or casual offer inquires at the e-mail address:



Furthermore, we encourage to the possibility of asking a question with using the option ”
Negotiate the price”.

The option ”negotiate the price” automatically changes ”an order” into ”an offer inquiry” and it does not cause order consequences and results.

This option is directed towards those of you, who:

  1. would like to order more products at present or in the long run, and the price at the shop does not satisfy them, e.g. 500 items of one drill type, 100 screw taps or cutting plates every month. For a unit it is not big value, but with an open quarterly or annual order it already makes up an essential value

  2. would like to supply themselves comprehensively with different products in significant amounts, for a significant amount and they expect regular discounts on selected groups of goods

  3. are tool Distributors in their countries and they are looking for a possibility of getting discounts from prices of Polish producers, enabling sale for their addressees in dealer prices.

We are looking for distributors for tools making up our own import from companies:



as well as for products of Polish companies:


For those, who are determined we offer dealer discounts as well as we guarantee exclusive rights in a prearranged region. Along with the offer we present cooperation conditions, we will inform about transport costs and order time limit.

We are also asking for giving questions about products apart from the offer in the shop. We will immediately answer all of them as far as it is possible.



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